About CKC

Canada-Korea Conference on Science and Technology (CKC) is an annual international conference jointly organized by the Association of Korean Canadian Scientist and Engineers (AKCSE) and the Korean Federation of Science and Technology Societies (KOFST).

Our mandate of fostering cooperation between Canada and Korea has been very well executed through annual CKC conference. Since 2011, the CKC conferences have brought together scientists, engineers and young students from Canada and Korea, and provided an important platform for them to build network, share knowledge and develop collaborative research. In the era of the Asia Pacific Rim, CKC has begun to create a great science and technology network, bridging between two countries over the Pacific Ocean, and dramatically improved position of the AKCSE in the science and engineering community of Korea and Canada as well. It also brings tool of international R&D collaboration opportunities to our members through several R&D agreements between both countries.