Consent to collect and use personal information

A. Purpose of Collection and Usage of Information

1. Recommend as a candidate for a committee related to government policy decision making and major national projects selection.

2. Register as a candidate for a peer reviewer and government's major research tasks evaluator

3. Use as a committee member or an advisor in proceeding or evaluating projects of KOFST, National Research Foundation and government funded research institutes.

4. Preferentially use as an inviting scientist or a guest speaker in Brain Pool project, Ultra program and foreign scholar seminars.

B.Collection of Information
Name, gender, year of birth, affiliated organization, division, position, telephone number (workplace & mobile), address, email address, nationality, residing country, major field of study, specialized field, academic background (school, major, degree, research field, etc), career (period, position, etc), awards, application of programs and patent, registration results, published research paper, etc.

1. I fully understand this agreement and grant consent to Korean Federation of Science and Technology Societies (KOFST) to collect and use the following information for the project related to human resources data base of Korean scientists and engineers living abroad.

2. KOFST receives agreement for using and collecting the personal information for the purpose mentioned in 1 starting from the moment of signing the consent form.

3. I agree and consent to share my personal information that needs to be provided in the process of conducting a project, including the information in 1 to each central administrative agency or related organizations based on related legislation and national research development project related regulation.

4. I confirm that I signed this consent form acknowledging the fact that I had the right to disagree to collect my personal information, and if I did, I could have been excluded from the list.